Tamannah discharged from hospital


Tamannah Bhatia, who was admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad after she was tested Covid-19 positive, has been discharged after doctors advised her self-isolation.

“Although my team and I have been very disciplined on set, I unfortunately succumbed to a mild fever last week. After undertaking the mandatory tests, I was diagnosed as COVID-19 positive. I admitted myself into a private hospital in Hyderabad to mitigate adverse health outcomes and after being under the care of expert medical professionals I am now being discharged,” she said/

“It has been a strenuous week but I feel relatively well. I am optimistic that i will recover fully from this health peril which is distressing so many people around the world. For the present, I will be self-isolating as advised. A big virtual hug to everyone for their love, concern and positivity. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay well!” the actress added.

Weeks after her parents tested positive for Covid-19, Tamannah was confirmed with coronaivurs infection a couple of days ago. Celebrities and fans wished her speedy recovery from the pandemic.

Tamannah, while announcing her parents testing positive for Covid-19, had posted, “My parents were showing mild Covid-19 symptoms over the weekend and as a precautionary measure everyone at home underwent tests immediately.”

She added: “The results have just come in, and unfortunately my parents have tested positive. The necessary authorities have been updated of their situation and we are complying with the precautionary guidelines.”